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1 Custom Design, 1 Cover:

Choose from ebook, paper back or audio book

1 Custom Design, 2 Covers:

Choose from ebook, paper back or audio book

1 Custom Design, 3 Covers:

One each of ebook, paper back and audio book

1 Custom Design, 1 Promotional:

Choose a print or web graphic

We love books as much as authors do. Let us help show off your creativity and hard work with a professionally designed book cover that is designed to impress readers.

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Sale: Romance titles 20% off starting at $80     


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About the Designer

Amanda Valentine is a Graphic Designer raised in Michigan and the Chicago area. Art has always been one of her passions. From an early age she would create her own paper worlds by copying figures from coloring book or creating from her imagination. In her first year of high school she began working in paint and other mediums as well as entering work in competitions. She won her first competition in her first year of high school and was recognized with the school's Artist Award in her final year. Several more awards followed during her university years. 

In addition to art she has extended experience in business management and operations. Has set up, trained, and developed multiple businesses to extended success and guided others into building their own. 

She is an avid pet lover. Cats and ferrets are her favorite but has cared for a variety of animals; household, farm, and exotic species that include dogs, horses, sheep, goats, emu, hedgehog, rabbits, hamsters, and a variety of birds. 

Currently, she is working to build her own business, renovate a house, as well as preparing to become a foster parent. 


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