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What do I need to do for the designer to start my cover?

The most important thing a designer needs from you to start the design is a general idea of the cover concept you want them to create. It should be a brief description that gives them an idea of what elements to look for. Your description should be about the characters and environment the story happens in and what mood you want represented most. Recreating a story scene is not what readers look for, nor expect. So, think in terms of if you wrote a general character or environment description. For example: a dark haired man and Latina woman with curly hair on a beach at sunset, season is summer. Location is Florida, Gulf of Mexico coast. mood tender

The more detailed you focus on the less likely a design will fit the needs of the readers and means it can struggle to sell well or match your genre. Plus, it will lack any creative talent from you designer, and after all that is the point to hiring out design work. An example of too much: a dark haired man wearing blue swim shorts and a puka necklace with his hair like Chris Pine in Wonder Woman, and 6 foot tall. A Latina woman with shoulder length curly hair styled like Selena Gomez in A Rainy Day in New York wearing a red and yellow bikini that is not a string or too skimpy. She is 5 foot 3 inches, with medium breasts, and plush hips. They should hold hands while walking on the beach facing right. The sunset should be pink and purple with the sun in the left corner. Nothing should be on the water. There should be lifeguard chair in the distance with no lifeguard or anyone on the beach. The couple's foot prints should be seen in the sand for a long distance behind them, and no other footprints. The beach should be of Sarasota, Florida in late June. A dolphin in the water is optional. 

I don't know what I want and it is almost time for my cover to be made. What should I do?

Ah! yeah, without direction your designer will not be able to start work. Best thing you can do at this time is start tot look at other covers in your target genre and start making a collection of ones you really like. When you feel like you have a good amount of covers to review go back and make a list of common elements covers have (i.e. couple/man/woman, sunset/day/night, holding hands/kissing/cuddling, clothed/shirtless/partially  undressed, etc.) make a tally for each instance you find in the covers you picked. Once you have been through all those covers look back at what has the most tallies. You will likely want to present one or a combination of those concepts to your designer since those are a popular taste for you. From there you include a few details that are stable to your book, like the season, location, character ethnicity, hair and eye color. 



When should I schedule work for my cover?

It is generally a good idea to schedule your cover design when you are 3-6 months from release date. Most designers have schedules that fill up months in advance. However, it is still worth Messaging Us if you are needing a sooner time frame. Cancellations and delays are part of the business and you may find we have an opportunity that fits you in. A rush fee may apply in some instances but is not common for this.

I bought a premade series do I need to schedule all the covers for a text update at the same times?

You do not need to schedule all covers at the same time. You can schedule per cover as needed.

How long does it take to make my cover?

Time frames can vary, but from start to finish it is a good idea to plan on a 2-4 week time frame. Generally, you will receive concepts withing a 5-7 working day time frame. And a lot of the remaining time is allowing you time to review content to ensure it is making you happy. The shortest time frame work can be completed is 1 weeks. Neither of us will have a choice on what the final time frame is. That naturally occurs from the process based on the amount of detailed work required and what kind of revisions with be asked for. So, please don't plan on asking for a set time frame unless you are in a crunch and are willing to pay a rush fee.

What is your cancellation policy?

All projects can be cancelled before they are completed. Canceling before work starts will cost the price of your retainer fee. Cancelling during the start of work will cost a cancellation fee and the retainer fee. Retainer fees will be waived for either situation if you reschedule and have a contract finalized within 30 days of cancelling. Cancellation fees are not able to be waived. 



I am in need of several covers for a series (3+). Can I get a discount?

Usually yes, however it is best to Message Us with complete details to know the kind of discount available and how it will apply. Covers may need to be completed at the same time for some discounts. 

Do you offer Payment plans?

Payment plans are not an option at this time. 

What am I buying with my cover purchase/promotional items?

You are purchasing the right to use the design for your book cover or promotional item. This is not a purchase of ownership for the design itself. Designs ownership are maintained by the designer. Contracts and packages will cover this in more detail.  

How do I make a bookmark fit the Promo Item pricing?

For a bookmark to be counted as a Promo Item pricing it needs to double as business card. As a business card it becomes a marketing item and not a product. At minimum business cards require the author's name and contact information on it. Other images and information are optional. Businesses cards can be sized as needed if you don't want a standard 3.5 x 2 in.

What is your refund policy?

For premades all sales are final at point of purchase. And refunds will only be considered if their is an issue preventing the text to be completed by the designer. 

For custom work

the $50 retainer fee paid when you schedule work is none refundable if a project is cancelled by the Client, If the job is being rescheduled it can roll over to the new time. Review your contract for more details.   

the 50% paid at the start of a project can be refunded before the project is completed, minus a $50 cancellation fee. This is not the same fee as the retainer fee. So, over all $100 will be paid between the two.

the final payment is non refundable. 

When do I have to pay for work?

For premades payment is made from the store at the time you check out. 

For custom projects payment is staggered. 

$50 is required at the point you sign a contract and schedule your work to be done.

50% of the remaining price is due at the start of your scheduled time, before work starts. 

The remaining amount will be due when the project is complete.

If your booking is less than $50 full payment will be due at the time of scheduling and no further payments will be owed.

Example break down for a $250 package:

- $50 due at scheduling.

- $100 due at start of work.

- $100 due at end of work.

Is the retainer fee and the cancellation fee the same thing?

No. These are separate fees. Please see the question about the refund policy and your contract for more details. 

Is the retainer fee included in the packaging prices. 

Yes. pricing includes the $50 retainer fee. 

Can I upgrade my package after signing my contract. 

Yes. You can upgrade at any time before a design is complete. If done you will be resent your contract with an addendum changing the package option within it. Only the difference in pricing between the packages will be added to your cover with half that difference due at the signing of the addendum. No service work will be done on the additional service work until payment and addendum are completed. Please also expect this to add time to how long service work will be completed. 

What additional fees might show on my bill?

These are additional services fees that can occur on a bill. 

- cancellation fee ($50) - a fee charged for discontinuing work after it has started.

- rush fee (starting at $50) - a fee charged to work that require time crunches for the client's needs.

- custom file fee (starting at $25) - a fee charged for a non traditional file, like a text free file.

- concept fee ($35) - a fee charged for the purchase of additional concepts (that are uncompleted works)

- adjustment fee (starting at $15) - a fee charged for adjustments not covered by a purchase or service contract: i.e text swap or color swap on premades, etc. 

- consultation fee ($30 per hour) - a fee charged for evaluations and help on personal work (commonly for other designers)



Can I get an ebook cover now and a paperback or audio book cover later? 

Yes you can, however be aware that this will count as two individual packages and be priced accordingly. So, it is a better value to you having both done at the same time. 

Can I get a file without text included to it?

Yes. You can either ask for a design without text as your over all product or you can pay an additional fee for a non-text version included in your packet

Do I have an unlimited number of uses for my cover?

Usually, there is a limit to the number of uses a cover can have. Most stock sites allow between 100,000-500,000 covers before licensing needs to be repurchased. To know your exact amount review all the licensing documents included in your final packet. The lowest number listed is your allowed count. Also, be aware an e-book cover counts as one use to your count no matter how many covers are downloaded, but any printed cover counts as one use per book printed. 

What happens to the Custom Design proofs that I do not accept when my custom Cover design is made?

Unclaimed Proofs are property of the designer and may be converted into a premade or offered to others at any time. Your Book's personal information will not be used in the alternative use. If you prefer the covers not be available to others they can be purchased at an additional fee. Fees are usually stated in your contract. 

Can I make sale or giveaway items (like t-shirts, stickers, mousepads, pins, etc) with the book cover I purchased?

With the cover purchased, the only use of the design can be for book covers. Other products are not covered by within the purchase agreement.  

I did not get a PSD file in packet. Is this a mistake?

This is not a mistake. When purchasing your cover you are purchasing the use of the cover, not the design itself. It is similar in concept to leasing something. Purchasing a PSD file is most often not allowed because of licensing rules image sites have on source files that makes them unable to be transferred to others in any raw form, like a PSD file will include. 

What do I do once I have used all my allowed print uses for my cover?

Congratulations on the sales!!! You can choose to repurchase the licensing agreements and refresh the count for your book. Message Us to find out the pricing and options available for this. 

I am looking for a new designer to continue my series. Will you match their work?

Generally, a designers layout and concept is part of their ownership as a designer. To have another designer, like us, duplicate their concept and layout will require the designer's direct permission to do so. Please have the designer email us so we can discuss what is being approved.  

I need a new cover to my series and cannot find/get in contact with my old designer. What do I do?

Without another designer's permission to duplicate their work we will not make a matching cover. Instead, Message Us about the details of your issue and we will see what can be worked out to create a new series design for you that would best fit your budget.

My designer said my cover is done but I do not have the file yet. Why not?

Files are sent only after payments are made in full. Usually Files will be sent within 24 hours of payment being received if done Monday- Thursday & on Monday if sent on Friday. If you have made all payments and more than the time frame has passed please Message Us to review what is happening. 

What is a licensing agreement?

This is approval given by an owner of a product that allows another person to use said product for their own profit intent. You are getting a licensing agreement from a designer for their art when you pay for a book cover design. Likewise, designers often have licensing agreements they comply with for use of stock images and content used in their design. Usually, this indirectly affect you as well as it often comes with a limited use on images purchased licensing agreements from third parties should be included in your final packet and the designer's licensing agreement is included with the contract. Please see a sample of a Service Contract for further details. 


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