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When it comes to books the cover means everything.


To an author the cover is a photograph of their world. 


To a reader the cover is a first impression, the beginning  look into a new reality, a first step into their next journey, and the start of a great love they will hold forever. It is the hope of everything they want to feel and a wish for emotions they need fulfilled.

Give readers a cover they will love becasue they want to love your story as much as you do.

Your cover is the first word telling your story. 
Make it stand out. 

A professional looking cover can be the difference in leading customers to sales, and it influences reader's reviews. Giving something less than your reader expects disappoints everyone. Let professionals figure out the customer's likes nd needs for you so you can focus on the fun of writing. 

Custom Services

Package One


1 Custom Design, 1 Cover:

Choose from ebook, paper back or audio book

Package Two


1 Custom Design, 2 Covers:

Choose from ebook, paper back or audio book

Package Three


1 Custom Design, 3 Covers:

One each of ebook, paper back and audio book

Promo Item


1 Custom Design, 1 Promotional:

Choose a print or web graphic

Whether custom or premade, all covers are designed with a focus on quality and reader’s expectations. You speak the words readers want. We speak the visuals. Together they achieve great things.

A sample of the Service Contract is available for preview.

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